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We actually field test fly rods from many different manufacturers in the real world. Not in the backyard, or out on the driveway casting into hoolahoops in front of the neighbors. We use them to fish in the most challenging place in the world under every condition you can think of. In the fiercest wind, driving rain, and sunny days from a fast moving boat. We use them with different lines, flies, and different fishing techniques that you have to use to catch monster trout at the End of the World. If it works here, it will work anywhere. And we tell you what we really think it. We're beholden to none.


We're famous for publishing well written, beautifully photographed articles about fly fishing and hunting adventures in this part of the world since 2008; along with covering some elements of culture unique to Argentina. Now we're also creating some great videos of the action that you can enjoy while you're at your office and dreaming of being here.


We live here. We fish here. and we've explored a lot of places and stayed in many destination lodges and fished with many guides. Who better to rely on for some advice on planning and booking the trip you've dreamed about your entire life? We traveled here the first time ourselves many years ago, and felt the same angst about putting our faith in people we didn't know. Send us a note, we can help.


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Most fly rod reviews are written by people who are like professional daters. They try it out for a while on their favorite trout streams, or out on the driveway, and make polite comments about its finer qualities, but can’t help comparing it to their previous rod relationships or lost loves. READ MORE>

    30" Brown Trout patagoniaWhoa! My boatmate exclaimed, “Look at him!” When my sulking brown trout finally came to the surface, I could not believe its size. We had just boated Rick’s big brown, 29”, 10+ pounds, and I had hooked this fish on the first cast back at the spot where Rick caught his. READ MORE >

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    Hi, my friends call me Memo, I hope you will too. I was once an executive in a Fortune 20 company, trapped in the world of working men who spent many hours dreaming of adventure in the outdoors, like many of you. Now, I'm a published author, passionate outdoorsman, and in my second life an entrepreneur and advocate for living a lifestyle of wellness. A link to my Author page is posted to right, in case your interested.

    The fishing legends and photos brought me here many years ago, and the landscapes, people, and endless trout water captured my soul. I came back a second time, and never left. I now make my home on a quiet mountain side, over-looking gin clear water in the "Lakes Region" of northern Patagonia; and watch the trout rising to the evening hatch from my terrace. It's an experience that needs to be shared, and I hope you find our articles and videos interesting.

    Memo Stephens

    Managing Editor

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      Who better to trust than someone who's lived, explored, and fished in this part of the world for many years? We understand that everyone may be looking for something unique in their experience; be it the accommodations and activities available for themselves and companions,or the quality and variety of fishing and adventure. We also have a very personal level of experience with the things you'll need to bring and plan for to make your trip a memorable success.

      We would love to help. Send a note, and tell us what you're looking for in the contact form below.

      Memo Stephens

      Managing Editor


      Please send us a note and ask any questions you're dying to know the answers to. We'll help any way we can.