Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina

Fly fishing Patagonia is the dream of every serious fly casting enthusiast in the world. Fishermen from around the globe venture to the southern reaches of Argentina each season in search of the ultimate challenge in fresh water fly fishing, and brown and rainbow trout of epic proportions.

The fishing legends and photos brought me here many years ago, and the landscapes, people, and endless trout water captured my soul. I came back a second time, and never left. Having abandoned a career and normal life in the northern hemisphere, I now make my home on a quiet mountain side, over-looking gin clear water in the “Lakes Region” of northern Patagonia; and watch the trout rising to the evening hatch from my terrace. It’s an experience that needs to be shared, and I hope you find interesting reading in the regular Blog Posts. Please take a moment to connect with us via email subscription to receive updates when new articles and posts are published.

The available trout water varies from pristine lakes to roaring rivers, with a few small streams and spring creeks thrown in for good measure. All fed with cold snow melt by the towering Andes on the western border with Chile. The landscapes begin with old growth arboreal forests and change to open land with willows lining the river banks, and eventually to open pampa with endless vistas. You will never find boredom here, nor lack views for your photo album.

The trout in Patagonia grow to enormous size, and its best to bring fly gear to accommodate a real pig. Many an angler has ventured south with his favorite 4 weight dry fly rod in hand, and left with it in more pieces than it arrived. Fish can average 17-18 inches in length, and on any giving day you may well hook one in the mid-twenties. Streamers, nymphs, and dry flies all have their place here; and if you have a favorite, you can find water fully suited. You will also find an abundance of multi-lingual guides to help you along the path.

The season typically begins the first of November and runs through early May, with the peak being around the Jan-March time frame. Early season brings aggressive fish, but the weather is a bit more intimidating. Late season offers a chance to fish some of the rivers that harbor monster migratory browns, if you are interested in targeting the trophy of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Lodges, Outfitters, and Guides

Fly fishing lodges are available with extremely high standards of comfort and services, including many suitable for the entire family with activities to keep everyone very well entertained. Patagonia is known for much more than fishing, and adventurers will find horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, and many other options for diversion if your casting arm wearies.

A number of excellent outfitters can plan very flexible trips to take advantage of changing conditions, or in case you want to explore more than one region of Patagonia during your adventure.

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