30" Brown Trout patagonia

Fly Fishing the Rio Limay Medio in Patagonia

Fly Fishing and Camping on the Rio Limay Medio in Patagonia

By Julie Tallman, Athens, Georgia

Whoa! My boatmate exclaimed, “Look at him!” When my sulking brown trout finally came to the surface, I could not believe its size. We had just boated Rick’s big brown, 29”, 10+ pounds, and I had hooked this fish on the first cast back at the spot where Rick caught his. What a surprise to find another fish of equivalent size at the same spot, but there he was parked in a great feeding seam. Thus, my new fishing friend and I started our trip down the Rio Limay Medio with Andes Drifters and its excellent guides.

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Current Weather in Patagonia

Hola Fly Fishing amigos in the northern hemisphere! The weather in Patagonia in the lakes region is up to shirt-sleeve temps, and I can see an early spring coming. If this holds up, the early season fishing in November-December is going to be fantastic! I’m thinking about a spring float on the Caleufu with my buddies from Andes Drifters



Fly Rod Review TFO BVK

TFO BVK Review

Most fly rod reviews are written by people who are like professional daters. They try it out for a while on their favorite trout streams, or out on the driveway, and make polite comments about its finer qualities, but can’t help comparing it to their previous rod relationships or lost loves. Then they part ways and continue searching for their ultimate fly fishing partner. For me, the Temple Fork Outfitters BVK has turned out to be like a blind date that I fell madly in love with and married. It became and continues to be my favorite rod and constant companion in every stretch of fly water in Patagonia. Guess its no surprise where this fly rod review is headed.
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Quail Hunting at Tipiliuke in Patagonia Argentina

Quail Hunting in Patagonia Argentina

Quail Hunting

As a boy, I chased bobwhite quail through the pine forests and palmetto thickets of Florida and south Georgia with a single barreled shotgun that I purchased with lawn-mowing money, and my poorly trained but handsome Irish Setter, Beau, bouncing along in front. I would hunt all day, and perhaps see a few singles or a double; and a great day was seeing a covey of 4-5 birds. I would stretch out in the grass during the heat of the day, and dream of endless covey rises that filled the sky; but they only existed in dreams, because the glory days of the quail had come and gone before my time. But I’ll share a secret with you; Dreams come true in Patagonia…
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Kau Tapen Lodge - Nervous Waters

Fly Fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout with Simon Gawesworth

Join Simon Gawesworth and the Giant Trout of the Rio Grande


If you want to learn to cast like a pro- from a pro, you need to sign up soon. After a week with Simon you’d have to get in your car to get farther away from your fly. Learn to hit the far bank! Sign up now for this great week!
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