Argentina Fishing Guides: How do they spend their days off?

I had this question posed to me recently. Argentina fishing guides: how do they spend their days off? So I asked a question in return. Why do you think they became fishing guides in the first place? It’s a long season in Argentina for the adventurous fly fishermen who come from all over the world. From early November until the last of May. But usually in the latest part of the season, as summer up north is creeping in and the fishing starts in the northern hemisphere, the Argentina fishing guides get a day or two off to chase their own passions. And for many, that means exploring and fishing the secret spots. Those places that are a little more difficult to reach, or too arduous a trek for most, or maybe too far away from the comforts and trappings of civilization. They’re looking for the unnamed creeks and sloughs and springs that bring incredible rewards for the hardcore trout fisherman. The following video is evidence of their cravings for fly fishing passion.

The guys at Andes Drifters decided to show the world exactly what they like to do on their days off, and maybe give a hint at some of the secret places they like to fish on their own time. They also confided in me, that they are willing to take clients to some of these “off guide” locations that would blow the mind of average fishermen. It requires a little more planning, and an adventurous spirit, and a willingness to embrace the warmth of a campfire and down-filled sleeping bag rather than a private room and television in the evenings. But I can assure you from personal experience, the wilderness camping program that these guys put on isn’t exactly roughing it. I’ve already signed myself in for a trip to the wild for the coming season. Who’s game enough to join me?

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