Massage in Patagonia

Where can you find a good massage in Patagonia? Patagonia is a wild adventurous landscape that begs you into the...

Fly Rod Review TFO Impact

Fly Rod Review TFO Impact

 Fly Rod Review TFO Impact by Klaus Berger *Note from the Managing Editor – We love hearing real-life fishing stories...

trout fishing Patagonia

Trout Fishing Patagonia

Trout fishing Patagonia is what we all sit around dreaming about during the along winter. We might go skiing a...

argentina fishing guides

Argentina Fishing Guides: How do they spend their days off?

I had this question posed to me recently. Argentina fishing guides: how do they spend their days off? So I...

float camping Patagonia in Patagonia Journal

Float Camping in Patagonia: Not Exactly Roughing It

Float Camping in Patagonia conjures images of roughing it in the wilderness in the minds of many city dwellers back...

red stags in Patagonia roaring

Red Stags in Patagonia: The Time of the Roar

It’s March now, and the red stags in Patagonia have begun their ritual time of war. I’ve spent the last 4...

Asado Argentina in The Patagonia Journal

Asado: The Best of Life Argentina

  Asado is the rock upon which all culture is formed in

Rio rivadavia in patagonia

Fly Fishing the Rio Rivadavia in Patagonia

Fishing the Rio Rivadavia in Patagonia will bring you to the light. Every once in a great while, the gods...

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