Tierra del Viento - Eliseo MiciuTierra del Viento is the most recent book released by master Patagonian photographer, Eliseo Miciu. It presents visually stunning images of the land, people, and animals that exist in the wind-driven expanse of southern Patagonia.

Requiring years of effort, and a total of nine journeys into the wild territories of Patagonia, Argentina for weeks or months at a time, the book offers a glimpse into a land rarely seen by the outside world. A place where the shear force of the elements physically shapes everything, and everyone who lives there. The only way to survive is to surrender to the will of the wind.



Just accomplishing the work was a battle, while often facing winds nearing 70 mph. But Eliseo faced the elements with the same patience and relentlessness as the natural obstacles, and in the end, the photographic achievements speak for themselves. Combining his unique vision and talent as a fine art photographer with his instincts for the wild places, he captured shots that boggle the mind and envelop the senses. You can literally feel the power of this place as you view the photographs.



This part of Patagonia has historically been the central sheep raising lands, but remains very sparsely populated with herders and gauchos living solitary lives in extremely remote outposts. Often 200 miles from the nearest town, they may only come in for supplies a few times a year, and even then find themselves longing for the quiet comfort of the campo after just a couple of days in a bustling town.




This is also the natural range of the last wild horses in South America, known by the Argentines as, “Baguales”. Eliseo managed to capture incredibly intimate photographs of these magnificent animals in the most hostile terrain imaginable, including a few ghostly images of the wild horses under the southern starlight.


Tierra del Viento - Eliseo Miciu


Tierra del Viento is available for sale in very limited, signed and number editions; and individual prints of the extraordinary photography are also available in limited signed editions. Contact Eliseo Miciu directly from his website for more information, or feel free to send us a note and we’ll pass it on to him. You can read more about Eliseo Miciu HERE.






Here’s a short clip from a feature film made during the creation of Tierra del Viento. 

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If you happen to live near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania then you’re in luck. Eliseo Miciu will be traveling to the United States to be available for private showings of Tierra del Viento at the MVG Fine Art Gallery in Wexford, PA during the week of October 14th, 2017. Contact the MVG Fine Art Gallery for details.

Tierra del Viento - Eliseo Miciu