Fly Fishing Photography: Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici

Fly fishing photography is becoming a rich field, with many extraordinary professionals spending long days on the water to capture the drama.

Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici is making a name for himself in fly fishing photography as well as hunting and outdoor adventures.He is based in San Martin de los Andes, in Patagonia, Argentina, but works all over the world. He’s completed projects for Beretta, worked in Siberia, and Africa just to name a few.

On a recent adventure down a wild river in Patagonia, I had a chance to sit and chat with Isaias about some of his work, and his passion for fly fishing in the splendor of Patagonia. Just run the video, and try it full screen mode to better appreciate his work.

To visit Isaias’ website, click this link:

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