Massage in Patagonia

Where can you find a good massage in Patagonia?

Patagonia is a wild adventurous landscape that begs you into the outdoors. Travelers come to spend days on end wading the crystalline rivers in search of trout, trekking the snow-capped peaks and valleys, or spending hours in the saddle exploring the river lands on horseback. It’s a blessed combination of exhilaration and exhaustion. But this is also a land of balance, both in the natural ecosystem and in the touristic experience.


Massage in Patagonia

When the day afield is done, or perhaps when a day of recovery is due, nothing is more relaxing and recuperative than an expertly delivered massage.Thankfully, there are several experts available in the San Martin de Los Andes area of Patagonia. One of those is Irene Musso.

Irene is trained in three well rounded disciplines of massage therapy: California Massage, Reflexology, and Sport & Regenerative Therapy.

Irene Musso massage in PatagoniaCalifornia Massage is similar to Swedish Massage, in that it incorporates many of the recipient’s senses and is extremely relaxing as well as physically and mentally recuperative. Using long graceful movements and deep tissue manipulation to stimulate recovery and a sense of well-being. The technique was originally developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and has become a favorite at many of the health spas and resorts around the world.

Reflexology by Irene Musso, massage in PatagoniaIrene was originally trained in Reflexology, and practiced it exclusively for many years. A technique with origins similar to acupuncture, it focuses on specific pressure points and therapeutic zones that are directly linked to systemic functions of the body, metabolism, blood flow, and organ function. By using digital pressure and manipulation on points of the feet, hands, ears, and even the nose, it’s possible to improve the workings of the nervous system, digestive tract, and relieve pain.

If you’re a seriously active traveler and take the outdoor experience a bit too far, Irene Musso can also help put you back in shape with recuperative therapy for your aching muscles.


Irene has a private studio in San Martin de Los Andes, and a website HERE. If you happen to be a guest of the world-class destination, Tipiliuke Lodge, you’ll find her regularly available at their exclusive Wellness Center during the season.

If you come to Patagonia to wear yourself out in the wilds, take a little time to experience the other side of passionate exertion; a relaxing and rehabilitating personal massage.



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