Spring Fly Fishing in Patagonia


Spring time fly fishing in Patagonia brings me alive after the long winter.

I watch the waters of Lago Meliquina rising with the snow melt, and the magnificent Rio Caleufu starting to roll, and anticipate my annual pilgrimage floating it’s length in search of monster brown trout.

This is when the real magic happens for a streamer addict like me.

I live for double-hauling full sinking fly line, and casting and fast stripping bird-sized flies from a fast moving boat and raging white water. And the takes are unmistakeable. These big fish don’t sip and tug. They bolt from cover and slash and grab.

The Rio Caleufu is my home water, and the cascading falls that fill the river are only minutes from my little house high on the mountain. My good friends at Andes Drifters have become my regular partners on this venture, and they do an amazing job of coordinating a three day float and camp, with great meals and gear; and leave me to think about nothing but fishing.

On this trip, Dan Etcheverry mastered the oars and we were joined by another local friend and professional fly fishing photographer, Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici.

This year, I was testing out the TFO BVK fly rod in it’s 9’6″ variant with heavy line, and as usual, I’m amazed at how easy this rod makes up for my casting faults. You’ll see the results in a separate video I’ll publish shortly. I also had the chance to test the TFO Clouser in particularly windy conditions and will be reviewing that one soon as well.


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You’ll also see me dancing a beautiful bamboo rod from Massimo Tirocchi in the clear green pools.

For now, here’s a little video action from my favorite river for spring time fly fishing in Patagonia. I hope you enjoy it, and spend the rest of your day dreaming of big fish at the End of the World.

Many thanks to Gustavo Hiebaum of Andes Drifters, and Rick and Jim at TFO Fly Rods for making my spring time fly fishing in Patagonia so wonderful.

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