Trout Fishing Patagonia

Trout fishing Patagonia is what we all sit around dreaming about during the along winter. We might go skiing a few times, but that’s really just to take our minds off the fact that we can’t be fishing. But now here in Argentina we’re only Three Weeks Away from opening day! So, what are we spending our time doing? Sitting around the office and watching cool videos from last season. Just to get us properly warmed up. Here’s a good one from the guys at Andes Drifters. Hit the Full Screen button for maximum joy.



You feel it now too, don’t you.

The trout fishing season has closed up in the north now, and you’re already dreaming about next year. But why wait? The monster trout of Argentina are just coming alive and the rivers are running strong. In just a few weeks, the streamers will be ripping, reels screaming, big fish grins glowing, and maybe a few rods snapping. In between, we’ll be floating the most emerald colored water on the planet, drinking a few cold beers, napping on the shore under the roble trees, cooking asado over open fires at night, and telling lies. That’s the way fishing is supposed to be. There’s plenty of room for more, so why not get on a plane and fly south for the winter?

Trout fishing Patagonia is a lot more simple than most people envision. It’s an easy plane ride to Buenos Aires from almost anyplace in the states, and then a short one from there to San Martin de Los Andes. Now the regional airport in SMA has all the weather flying radar stuff, so planes can arrive and depart in any weather. SMA is a great place to start your trip and fish dozens of rivers, lakes, spring creeks, you name it. Plus, the food is awesome and accommodations are excellent. Call Gustavo at Andes Drifters to see if he can get you into the early season mania.



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